The Type Of Person You Should Break Up With If You Want To Find Real Love

Want to change how your relationships end? Change how they start.

Money, funny, blue-eyed blonde, tall/dark/handsome, cocky…what’s your type?

Do you think: “I want a guy who is smart, spontaneous, tall, handsome, sexy, interesting, well-traveled, athletic, a foodie (even better if he can cook), has strong hands and loves giving massages, understands me, puts me on a pedestal, is good to my mom, loves my dog, wealthy (and is generous with it).”

And every time a relationship ends, you add to your “wants” and “can’t stand” requirements in order to protect yourself from what your last guy lacked. Then you go out and try your luck with your revised checklist.

Still, no matter how seemingly perfectly they fit into your fantasy box, you date for a little while until you realize that you aren’t actually a fit or maybe it gets boring, fizzles out, and eventually it ends.

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