Watch Complete Journey Of Child In Mother’s Womb | Stages of Pregnancy


A woman’s due date is calculated from the first day of her last menstrual period. Conception occurs two weeks from that day — that’s when you’re truly considered to be pregnant! Millions of sperm swim upstream on the quest to fertilize an egg. Only one successfully penetrates the egg, forming the genetic makeup that will determine the sex, physical appearance, intelligence, and personality of the baby.

Watch the ovulation process occur by clicking on the video beloW

  1. Infact i really enjoy this page because am pregnancy woman, by reading dis page i see d benefit of having sex during d pregnancy. But as for me I cant bé having sex everyday bcos its nt easy.

  2. I love this program coz am also pregnant and I like my baby to be smarter even before he is born as I now know the reason why to have sex everyday of ppregnancy…am will like to have more of this program

  3. Am also newly pregnant and I saw a little blood stained on my pant buh I didn’t feel any pain. Pls hope my baby and I are okay..

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