“The only exercise I engage in is knacking” — Don Jazzy

Was recently talking to a friend, who doesn’t gym, but has a flat ass belly. I inquired about the secret to his flat stomach, and he said “too much knacking”.

Don Jazzy.

….and Mavin Record Boss, Don Jazzy has just revealed, that he indeed engages in multiple “knacking”, as the only excercise he engages in, is “Knacking”.

The Mavin boss while taking a walk with Dr Sid at the Ikoyi bridge said he’s a very lazy person, so doing normal exercise is out of the book and that all he does is knacking (another word for sex).

Don Jazzy

He said:

“I am very lazy, I don’t engage myself in any form of strenuous activity or exercise for that matter, let me just say the only form of exercise I engage in is knacking” he said in a video posted on his snap.”

Watch the video:

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