10 signs that show you’re not having the amount of s*x you need

We all enjoy s*x but that doesn’t mean we get it as much as we want. Sure, masturbation is a fine way to fix your mood but it’s not the same. And when you’re in a relationship and feel like your s*x life is lacking, it’s time to figure some stuff out. So how often should you have s*x?

Truthfully, it really depends on the person and the couple. If you both don’t have crazy s*x drives, there’s no need to have s*x every single day. However, even then, you might run into relationship issues if your s*x life isn’t up to par with your expectations.

Why a lack of s*x might be a horrible thing for your relationship It’s not just that you’re not satisfied sxually. There can be a lot more issues at play here in addition to that. When your s/x life is lacking, you can start to form resentment and insecurities – as can your partner.

You both sit there wondering why the other doesn’t find you sxually attractive and this fosters negativity. That can lead to a lot of bickering and in turn, a continuation of no s*x. You also lose some of your deep connection. A lot of emotional bonding happens during and after s*x that can make your relationship special. If you’re not having enough of it, a wedge can be formed and you’ll feel distant from each other.

How often should you have s*x?

Again, this truly depends on your relationship and what you both need to be satisfied. But if you’re really curious as to whether or not you’re having enough s*x, here are some signs that you need a little more to be completely happy.

#1 You’re not satisfied. If you’re truly not satisfied with your s*x life, you probably aren’t having enough. However, you could be having plenty, but not the type of s.x that really makes you happy and satisfies your needs.

If that’s the case, it’s best to have a sit-down with your partner and discuss the s*x. This is not only super beneficial for your bedroom life, but it’ll also help your relationship outside of s*x, too.

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